You won’t believe how this 8 year old boy made everyone recognize his skills when he had only couple of seconds…

Dillon Helbig is eight years old now. Recently, he went with his grandmother to the public library in their hometown of Boise, located in Idaho.

When the chance presented itself, he took advantage of it by placing the 81-page book which he had created using a red notepad and colored pencils on a shelf in the children’s area of the bookstore.

The title of his book is The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis and the book follows Dillon as he prepares to decorate his Christmas tree when he is suddenly transported to the first Thanksgiving and the North Pole by a mysterious star.

Dillon related the story to his mother, Susan Helbig, about how he had placed his book on a shelf at the library, but when they returned a few days later to get it, it was not where he had left it.

Susan Helbig was surprised. His mother made a phone call to the library to inquire as to whether anybody had found Dillon’s book and to request that it not be trashed.

Alex Hartman, the manager of the library’s branch, said that “it was just too clearly unique an artifact for us to contemplate getting rid of it.” He related how the staff at the library, as well as his kid, who is just six years old, found Dillon’s book to be rather entertaining.

Now that Dillon’s book has been formally added to the part of the library that houses graphic novels, library cardholders are allowed to borrow it whenever they like.

There are now 55 persons waiting their turn in the queue for the book and in addition, readers have the option to rent the book for up to four weeks, but since there is such a huge demand for it, they are unable to renew their rental.

Dillon said, “Ever since I was 5 years old, I’ve had a passion for books and libraries, and I always wanted to have my book displayed at the library center.”

And at this time, Dillon is already hard at work on the second installment of his novel, moreover, his classmates, who are also interested in writing books, are being inspired to do so as a result of his acts.

“It’s quite great to see how he’s influencing tiny brains,” Dillon’s mother remarked.

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