You won’t believe what this lady discovered in a chair she’d just obtained for…

When a lady recently discovered a bulge in the cushion of a chair she had obtained for free on Craigslist, she first believed the mass to be a heating pad that had been placed into the chair by someone who suffered from back pain.

However, when Vicky Umodu from Colton in California opened the cover, she was surprised to find twelve packets containing icy hard cash.

She exclaimed “we’ve got to contact the person” to her son and promptly returned every dime, claiming that the thought had never crossed her mind to retain even a dollar of it.

Person who sold it was contacted and he revealed that they were getting rid of the chair along with a matching couch since a family member had just passed away.

The family thinks that the person stashed away a total of $36,000 in cash as part of a savings technique, and that there may be more cash in unknown locations.

As a thank you for her good act, Mrs. Umodu was presented with a check for $2,200, which she intends to use to purchase a new refrigerator.

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