You won’t believe the reason why the llama attended this particular wedding… It’s hilarious…

There’s nothing quite like the bond that exists between siblings. They love each other endlessly, despite the fact that they may be each other’s worst adversary at times. To say it’s confusing would be an understatement.

However, if there is one thing that can be counted on, it is the fact that a sibling will always and forever fulfill a commitment.

Particularly if it is intended to irritate them. Mendl Weinstock is an excellent illustration of this, since he brought a llama to his sister’s wedding.

Everything began five years ago, on a road trip from Ohio to Indiana, when the family encountered a problem as Riva Weinstock, Weinstock’s sister, was gushing all the time about how thrilled she was to be getting married.

She felt enraged when her brother made light of the fact that he would not be attending and informed him that he was being a “unworthy sibling.” So the two came to an agreement, and Mendl agreed to accompany us provided he was allowed to bring a llama to her wedding.

Riva accepted, despite her skepticism that it would ever happen. He did it finally five years later, during her wedding.

Mendl was able to get the services of a llama from a nearby llama farm. In fact, one of Mendl’s employees even stitched him a tuexdo to commemorate the event.

Riva didn’t really trust her brother would follow through on his five-year pledge and was taken aback when she first saw the llama but, fortunately, was a good sport about it and even posed for a couple pictures with him.

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