You won’t believe what Taylor Swift did for one of her fans… The young girl was speechless…

Taylor Swift is a music star, an idol, and America’s darling. She is also, as it turns out, acutely aware of the student debt crisis in the United States.

T-Swift has always been kind, surprise fans in hospitals, delivering a few Christmas gifts to deserving fans, and most recently, paying off some student debt. In fact, Taylor Swift brightened Rebekah Bortniker’s day by paying off $1,989 of the superfan’s student loan debt, a nod to Swift’s most recent hit album “1989.”

She also sent a package to her fan with a a black jewelry bag in which there were a gold-chained necklace with green and black pendants.

A serious problem in the United States, student loans have created a heated discussion over how to make education more accessible while also preventing Americans from being indebted to the point of bankruptcy.

According to the Department of Education, the total amount of outstanding student loan debt in the United States is around $1.2 trillion.

In 2014, college graduates walked over the stage owing an average of $33,000 in student loans, making them the generation with the greatest amount of debt in history.

Student debt weighed heavily on the shoulders of more than 70% of students who graduated in 2014, and the Department of Education estimates that seven million individuals were in default as of the third quarter of this year, in the month of September,

Swift’s record, which was priced at $17 per copy, sold 1.3 million copies in its first week on sale on her website.

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