You won’t believe what this man did for these 5 kids… No one else was eager to…

Robert Carter understands what it’s like to be separated from your siblings while in foster care, and he wanted to prevent that from happening to other children, so he adopted all five of their siblings.

When children are put in the foster care system, it is likely that they will not be able to find a permanent home since they are often placed in various areas at different periods. A family of siblings being put in foster care might be very difficult to deal with.

It might be difficult to attempt to keep all of the children together at the same time. However, one father from Ohio was determined to prevent this from happening to a family of five children.

Consequently, he took the initiative and adopted all five children, ensuring that they would never again be placed in the foster system.

Robert Carter himself had been in the foster care system when he was 12 years old, so he was familiar with the situation, particularly the difficulty he had in keeping in contact with his siblings.

Occasionally, he wouldn’t see them for years at a time. Later, he was granted care of his younger sister as well as guardianship of his brother, among other things.

Three boys, Giovanni, Kiontae, and Robert, were staying with Carter while the two girls, Makayla and Marionna were staying with another family.  The true magic occurred when the two families came together in order for the children to have the opportunity to see one other.

Carter, thought was the only one who was willing to adopt all five of his siblings.  He claims that life is now busy and noisy, but also full of love and affection.

His children are told every night by their father that he is their ‘forever father’.

He believes that creating memories with his children and letting them know that they would never be apart again are very essential to them.

He adds that the children are settling in nicely and that he is looking forward to the idea of building new memories for them.

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