You won’t believe what this young boy just did…When he walked into…

One day, a 9-year-old kid strolled into his local animal shelter with a large plastic bag loaded with cash, giving out all of the money he’d earned from running a lemonade sale to the staff members.

Ben Miller, from Boise, Idaho, won a stunning $1,150 in a single weekend of hard work.

It was his third lemonade stand fundraising since 2019, when he was visiting the Idaho Humane Society with his grandma and discovered that some of the cats didn’t have toys. He decided to do something about it. So far, he’s contributed a total of $1,950 to help the kitties he cares about so much in his life.

His mother assisted him in organizing a Facebook event that drew attendees from all around the valley to the occasion. In addition, many gave money without even coming in to grab a drink with us.

“It was such a lovely day getting to know so many wonderful individuals and their animals. A carload of people pulled up in front of us, all stating they had just heard about it on the radio,” Amy Miller said on Facebook.

As a cherry on top of the day, Ben’s instructor paid a surprise visit to the classroom.

Ben has said that he has no intentions to stop his charitable work for the shelter, which makes his mother smile, despite the fact that she believes he has always had a kind heart. “It really took me by surprise.”

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