You would consider this house quite normal, unless it has prison cells in it next to the kitchen, and it’s believed that the previous owner used to…

You may actually already be acquainted with the website Zillow if you’re in the process of looking for a new place to live.

On their website, you may look at different houses, go on virtual tours of them, locate an agent who works in your region, and uncover some extremely intriguing properties that are close to you.

In point of fact, many were drawn in by a recent advertisement for a house in Celina, Ohio; nevertheless, it wasn’t the soaring ceilings or the hardwood flooring that did it for people.

Everything seems to be in order when one first examines the residence that is situated at 117 North Brandon Avenue in Brandon.

This house was constructed in 1972 and is now on the market for $275,000; it has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. In addition to that, it has a sauna, a complete bar, and an indoor swimming pool. Oh yes, and a few prison cells here and there.

Each of the cells has an iron door and two bunks of its own. There is no indication of the precise specifications of the cells; nonetheless, they seem to be fairly typical (as far as jail cells go).

They are also situated in a convenient location just off the family room and next to the kitchen. It is unknown why the jail cells are located in that location in the first place; nonetheless, the realtors suggest that purchasing the property provides an opportunity to “possess a piece of Celina history.”

“Although there is no definite reason why the jail cells are located in the home, it is believed that the doctor [who built the house] was a big John Dillinger enthusiast.

And when he had the chance to acquire the prison cell where Dillinger was confined, he purchased them and relocated them into his party pad”.


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