Your heart will melt when you see the little boy’s reaction after meeting his newborn sister

The Maltbie family posts family videos on YouTube for anyone to see. They have 48k followers, which is rather impressive. Their films depict family gatherings, outings, activities, and even tales about a mom’s pregnancy.

This was the year she gave birth to Harper Rose. Brayden, their son, is featured in the film, and he is excited to see his newborn sister for the first time. And he was overjoyed about it as well!

He’s got flowers and a balloon!
Dad summons Brayden, who has been waiting in another place, and the two walk over to where mom and baby Harper are sleeping.

“Dad?” wonders

“Do you want to meet your newborn sister?”

which Brayden reacts to

“I can scarcely stand it!”

He’s a sweet kid.
As they reach the room, the sound of a wailing infant fills the air, and the father explains to him that what he is hearing is his newborn sister. A father and son enter the room. When Brayden meets Harper for the first time, her tears quickly stop. Perhaps she was aware of the presence of her elder brother.

Does Brayden have no control over his actions?
The tiny guy begins to cry, and he does not attempt to disguise it. He still has a lovely smile on his face. Brayden is entirely engrossed in the present moment. That is the wonder of existence.

Mom is sobbing right now!
It catches on like wildfire. That overwhelming feeling of love spreads, especially among family members. Everyone was happy since they had recently welcomed their newest member. Boys, let it all hang out!

You, too, Dad!
Brayden approaches his infant sibling for a closer look. Mama extends her arms to embrace and kiss him. It’s a great moment, and young Harper is just standing there, oblivious to the fact that she’s the cause of it.

Babies have such a powerful effect.
Mom extends her arm, letting Brayden lean in for his first kiss. This is one awesome big brother. That is what he will be. He will always be there for his sister. Brayden, you are my protector!

Look at Harper’s cute, tiny feet! So small, but already making an impression on everyone’s hearts. These are also long-term prints. Consider this your first tattoo, Brayden! It’s more complicated than that.

Joyful tears!
On that day, in room 2405, “Big Brother” burst out laughing. And since he did, mum and dad followed suit. It’s a wonderful thing to observe, knowing that they are a close-knit family that puts themselves first. That is exactly what should happen.

Brayden was six years old in this video.
He is now eight years old, and Harper Rose is two years old. She can now communicate with and play with her big brother. Brayden is unquestionably gentle with her. He probably slips in a few pinches and squeezes, as well as a few kisses. Or a fair amount.

Harper does not appear to mind.
This is because the more attention and affection neonates receive as they grow, the more they trust their parents and siblings. An unseen power holds families together. People are always delighted when they make physical displays of affection. Consider what it can do for a toddler or child who has their entire life ahead of them.

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