Shirley Temple raised three children and struggled with Lori, whom she saved from a fatal addiction

Shirley Temple made her debut on the big screen when she was just three years old. During the Great Depression, Shirley tap-danced and sang her way to becoming America’s biggest child celebrity.

The dimpled starlet achieved international recognition, unlike any other child star before her. As a result, when Shiley Temple passed away in 2014 at the age of 85, she was much loved and mourned.

Cheryl Kagan, Temple’s publicist, announced the actress died at her home in Woodside, California. When the news broke, the entire world appeared to be in shock at the loss of an American icon.

Temple’s three children, Linda Susan, Charles Jr., and Lori, were among those who lamented her loss. Temple has three children from her marriage to her ex-husband, John Agar, and her late husband, Charles Black.

Temple married Army Air Corps sergeant John Argar at the age of 17 after deciding to be the first in her class to marry. When the pair married, Argar was 24 years old.

Argar, however, couldn’t stand living in Temple’s shadow, and their marriage ended four years later. Their divorce occurred a year after the couple welcomed their daughter, Linda Susan.

Temple was engaged to Charles Black, who resided in Hawaii at the time, less than sixty days after her divorce. The pair married, and Temple left the spotlight to raise a family with her spouse.

Charles Jr., their son, was born in 1952, and Lori, their daughter, was born two years later. Temple and her husband were married for 55 years before Black died as a result of complications from a bone marrow condition.

Temple had lost her love, but she still had her children, with whom she had very tight ties. As a result, her eldest daughter, Linda Susan, couldn’t help but sing her mother’s praises in a 2018 interview: “We were shopping and traveling companions.

We traveled to a lot of locations together. She was one of my closest companions.”

Temple’s children have spoken up about their mother’s loving presence and the influence it has on their lives. Her son even disclosed that Mom insisted on eating supper at the table every night with all of her children.

Temple, on the other hand, showed up for her children in ways other than merely having supper with them every day. Even so, the legend was so active in her children’s lives that she was able to help her daughter regain her sobriety.

Lori Temple, Temple’s youngest daughter, became involved in the punk music movement in the 1980s and became addicted to heroin. She was allegedly hospitalized twice for drug misuse but failed to stay clean following the health concerns.

According to sources, getting Lori sober again was the most important thing for Temple at the time. The mother of three paid for all of her daughter’s rehabilitation procedures paid regular visits to her, and even attended therapy sessions with her.

Temple’s children aren’t the only ones who remain to chant her praises. Teresa Caltabiano, her granddaughter, had nothing but positive things to say about her late, famous grandma.

Caltabiano is Temple’s eldest kid, Linda Susan’s child and she wrote a sweet greeting to the actress this year. Google Doodles paid tribute to the late actress, and one of its resources featured a letter from Caltabiano.

Caltabiano complimented her grandma for being family-oriented and full of love, just like her mother and uncle. Temple is unquestionably survived by those who appreciate and miss her loving ways.

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