2-year-old boy complains that her mother leaves for work without giving him a kiss

We’re sure she won’t do it again.

A mother in Jacksonville, Florida, recently released a video of her 2-year-old son grumbling about how she rushed off to work without kissing him goodbye, and the sweet video has gone viral.

“I was in such a rush to get back to work after Alexander’s soccer practice, and my son Alex was really disappointed he didn’t receive the right farewell,” Diana Simos said on Facebook earlier this month. “He had a lot to say, and my husband recorded it all,” she continued.

In a video that Diana’s husband Christos made, Diana’s son Alexander can be seen looking shocked as he tries to tell Christos about Diana’s sudden departure.

“Didn’t she give you a kiss?” While Alexander only speaks in small words and loving noises, Christos kindly interprets.

“And she went straight to work?” Christos asks about his son. “What sort of mother would do that?”

Alexander appeared to be upset that his mother did not kiss his father or his infant sister goodbye.

“Aww man!” he exclaims, matching his father’s emotion.

Diana said the video made her laugh out loud, and it seemed to have struck a chord on Facebook as well. Since being released on Monday, the video, which was republished by WJAX in Jacksonville, has received over 45,000 likes.

“When you go home, Mommy, you’re in huge danger,” one Facebook user joked. “This is just priceless.”

“It was lovely, and I hope mama doesn’t forget to kiss those babies anymore,” someone else said.

Diana, for the record, stated on Facebook that the video shattered her heart as well, but she made sure to kiss Alexander when she came home.

“I definitely learned my lesson,” she told Fox News. “I won’t go to work till I’ve kissed him a million times.”

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