A Child Who Was Only Three Years Old Saved the Lives of Four People, However, No One Was Able to…

Mars Bedell passed away at a very young age, but before he did, he was able to save the lives of four people, including two children and two adults.

On July 5, a little kid from Houston, Texas, who was only three years old, sadly drowned and passed away.

However, his distraught parents wanted to keep his fond memories alive via the lives that he saved, and so they made the difficult decision to donate his organs.

The young man who has a thing for comic book characters has always been a fighter.

He was identified with a disease at birth for which doctors did not expect him to live.

However, he managed to live. Mars has become a real-life super hero and a gift to a great number of people throughout the years.

On July 7, members of Mars’s family, together with friends and personnel from the hospital, honored him with a walk in his name.

Let us pray for Mars Bedell’s needy; the loss of a kid is the most painful experience a parent can go through, and although they are crying his passing, we have no doubt that he is in heaven.

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