A dissatisfied client tries to return what they describe as “stale, soapy cupcakes,” but the owner looks in the box and yells “No!”…

Sharon Carter is the proud owner of a company and the mother of 4 children. Along the way to achieving her current level of success, she has overcome a number of obstacles, both emotionally and professionally.

After receiving the devastating news that her younger brother had passed away, she was subsequently informed that she had ovarian cancer.

After a few years had passed, a degenerative condition was identified in her kid, and the mounting costs of his treatment merely kept getting worse.

She operates Mrs. C’s Cupcakes, a small store with a small staff, which means she works long hours and has little time to spend with her son, whom she would want to be able to care for, however, she is unable to do so due to the demands of her business.

Imagine, therefore, how nervous she must have been when, only a short time after selling an entire box of cupcakes to a customer, the assistant came back into the store and informed her that the cupcakes had been made incorrectly.

“I just gave them to my supervisor, and there seems to be a little bit of a problem as she only tried one, and it tasted terribly stale,” the other lady informed her. Carter could see that the client was unhappy, so she made an effort to rectify the situation.

She offered to return the money for the cupcakes or replace them if that was what they preferred. The lady then dialed her supervisor’s number on her phone, and Carter had no choice but to wait in order to find out what the decision would be.

She overheard the other lady inquire whether her employer was still close, so she brought her boss back inside “so we can simply show her what we mean.” After that, the other woman left.

Carter was apprehensive, but the patron apologized for being so bothersome about this matter, though, Carter said, “No, it’s OK, I want my consumers to be pleased.”

“Does a cake often get stale after being left out overnight?” The lady was the one who intervened. “I take it that nobody else has had any concerns about this?”

As soon as the customer walked through the door, she began speaking to Carter, saying, “When I took a taste of one of them, it tasted soapy.” Carter’s expression suddenly changed, and she expressed confusion over how this could have taken place.

The other lady then inquired as to whether or not she was the “Mrs. C” that the business was named after, to which the proprietor responded that she was.

She responded with, “Oh, I’ve heard of you.” Carter was unsure as to whether it was a positive or negative development. After arguing with Carter for a minute or two about how terrible the cupcakes were, she finally suggests that Carter try one for herself so that the argument can end.

Carter easily agrees and proceeds to open the package, as she is eager to put the embarrassing situation in the past. As soon as Carter takes a peek inside, she lets out a piercing “No!”

Carter could not believe her eyes when she saw the mountain of money that was hidden within, “Oh my goodness!! ” over and over again. As soon as the lady informed her the amount, she began to sob. The money was $10,000.

The person posing as a client was really Jacqueline Ellen Henderson, well known by her radio presenter as Jackie O in Australia.

They were aware of Carter’s predicament and wanted to provide a hand in improving what had been a terrible year for her. Carter said that the last year had been very challenging.

She continued to wipe the tears from her eyes as she spoke and then remarked, “This means I may travel home for Christmas.  What it implies is that we have the ability to accomplish something that was important to kids.”

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