A little boy spends all of his savings to buy the attendant at a gas station a bicycle…

At the petrol station in KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughn, who is from South Africa, became acquainted with the attendant, Tony, when he was there with his mother, Mandy.

According to Mandy Fish, “within seconds the attendant had Vaughn laughing and happy, despite the fact that he was quite unwell.”

She continued by saying, “Since then, we have been making consistent trips to the station, and Vaughn eagerly keeps an eye out for his new pal.”

Tony always makes sure to take the time to speak to Vaughn about the numerous motorcycles that we bring to and from Giba, and he listens to him gab on in such an accommodating manner.”

During one of these conversations, Tony made a request to seek for a bike that was within his price range for him, and Vaughn assured him that he would do so.

A few days later, he approached his mother with the request, inquiring if or not he might use his own money to get a new bicycle for Tony.

“Vaughn has been saving up for a “vacation” for us for the last several months by gathering up all of the silver money that he can find around the home,” added Mandy.

“One night he came to me and asked whether I truly wanted a vacation, and upon inquiring why he said he would rather put his funds toward helping Tony get his bike.”

They did as they said they would and broke open the piggy bank, using the whole amount of money to purchase Tony a bicycle.

On her Facebook page, Mandy said, “Our children make us proud on so many different times, but today my heart and his is so full with the delight at the lovely man’s face as he, somewhat stunned, took his present from this 10 year old son.”

It is very uplifting to witness little children demonstrating acts of compassion such as this for people they have never met before.

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