A woman converts a rotting tree in her backyard into a nice neighborhood library

An artist from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has charmed the Internet with her repurposing of a dying tree.

Armitage, Sharalee Howard had a 100-year-old cottonwood tree withering in front of her house. The tree was growing unsafely, so instead of chopping it down, she chose to transform it into something the entire community could enjoy.

“We had to remove a massive tree that was over 110 years old, so I decided to transform it into a tiny free library (which I’d always wanted),” Sharalee said on Facebook. “Here it is (excluding some cleanup, landscaping, and trimming)!”

The modified tree, which she refers to as the “Little Free (Tree) Library,” offers books to anybody who requests one. “Take a book, share a book” is the basic formula. Sharalee, on the other hand, converted the stump into something spectacular.

The tree library not only has an external light to illuminate the way to the glass entrance, but it also has an inside light to illuminate the bookcase.

Stone stairs go up to the nook, which is enclosed by a swinging glass door that allows guests to glance inside without having to open the door.

“A wonderful element that wasn’t visible in my first photo is that the dental molding over the door is really small, titled, wooden books,” she adds.

The titles of notable novels are inscribed on each book.

A local news station stopped over to take a closer look at Sharlee’s library, and the video below shows a close-up of the Little Free Library.

Sharalee also stated that she has become a founder member of the Tiny Free Library, a global network of people who support little free libraries.

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