After Jennifer Garner’s absence at both of J. Lo and Ben Affleck’s weddings, there is a possibility that the exes would get back together…

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and their respective exes, Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony, have had a difficult time integrating their respective families. Despite this, the pair has made it a priority as of late to include the other parent of their children into their daily life.

Jennifer Garner was not invited to either of the couple’s wedding ceremonies, but lately she received an olive branch from the pair as a gesture of reconciliation.

It is reported that the gesture helped repair the connection between the couple and their former significant others.

Affleck and Lopez had a combined total of five children, and as the Christmas season drew closer, their focus shifted to the question of how they might include all five of their children as well as their ex-spouses in their festivities of the season.

The first of Affleck and Lopez’s wedding ceremonies was a surprise affair that took place in Las Vegas, while the second was a more traditional celebration of their marriage that took place on Affleck’s home in Georgia.

Garner was supposed to take part in both of the wedding ceremonies, but she did not show up to either of them.

At the wedding in Georgia, all five of the children were there, but at the ceremony in Vegas, one of the children was absent.

After the couple had exchanged their vows, their children accompanied them as they walked away from the altar.

It was said that Jennifer Garner approved of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting back together after a long separation since she was aware that her children adored Lopez and that Affleck was content with their relationship, also, she sent her best wishes to them on the day of their wedding.

Even though it was a happy moment for the couple, Garner was not there to share in the celebration. It was said that she had business responsibilities that prevented her from attending the wedding, but she still got an invitation since Affleck considered her family.

Nevertheless, according to a person close to Garner, the invitation was not extended until a very short time before the event.

It was said that Jennifer Lopez approved of Ben Affleck inviting his ex-wife because she recognized that Jennifer Garner played an important part in the lives of her stepchildren and that she and Garner had become closer as a result of the children.

Violet, who is Affleck and Garner’s eldest kid, is said to have shown her allegiance to her mother by remaining at home with her mother on the night of her parents’ wedding in Las Vegas to Jennifer Lopez, however, she was a guest at the more important wedding in Georgia.

Garner was in West Virginia with her boyfriend and her father while Affleck and Lopez were making their commitment to one another and committing their life to one another.

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