After losing his father, a girl wished to go to a daddy-daughter dance. Then this happened

This sweet second-grader had always desired to go to the father-daughter dance. She never expected to be able to travel after her father died.
That is until they wisely decided to volunteer as bodyguards for children without fathers.

“I phoned the mother, and she said everything was fine.” “I don’t want to be rejected by a second grader,” teased Van Buren school resource officer Nick Harvey. So her mother talked to her about it, and the following day I formally asked her to be my date to the daddy-daughter dance.

When Harvey reminisced and told his story to 5 News while sitting next to the little girl herself, 8-year-old Avey Cox, he was clearly delighted and proud of his decision. He demonstrated

When the big night did arrive, the parents and volunteers worked tirelessly to make it a magnificent and memorable evening. Harvey and Cox dressed up, took a limo to the event, and even stopped for pizza on the way.

“It was important because I got to see all my friends there,” Cox told 5News before smiling at Harvey. “And then I got to join him and have a good time.”

That particular moment was simply wonderful. The little child’s grin and gestures toward Harvey are so endearing that they melt our hearts!

Harvey accepted that it was an unforgettable night that he would never forget. The officer claims that the two had many amazing times at the Arkansas school, both on and off the dance floor.
“I embarrassed myself by dancing when I can’t dance at all,” Harvey laughed.

“Dancing with him…” Cox trailed off as if she was about to cry. Harvey then grabbed her by the shoulders and hugged her. It was a wonderful, honest moment, and it was clear that their friendship was unique and important, especially for a child who had lost a parent at such a young and important age.

One of the night’s most precious memories was the daddy-daughter dance. Someone at the party recorded Harvey and Cox dancing and uploaded it to the Internet, where it quickly went viral.

Harvey’s goodness had an impact on more than just the young girl; the entire world felt how pure and wonderful that night was. It’s wonderful to see some nice people out there doing good in today’s world.

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