After sister’s passing, James Caan changed his priorities and stopped acting to raise his son

James Caan was so invested in seeing his son, Scott Caan, grow up that he made a significant sacrifice in his work. He changed his mind after losing his best friend and manager.

On July 7, 2022, James Caan’s family rushed to Twitter to announce the heartbreaking news of his passing. The actor died the night before, according to the actor’s relatives.

The actor from “The Godfather” died at the age of 82. His family thanked his fans and followers for their kind words, and then they asked them to keep their distance while they grieved.

In the post, James’ relatives addressed him as “Jimmy” and expressed their “deep grief” at his death. The actor had a busy life before his death, marrying four times.

His first wife was actress Dee Jay Mathis, whom he married in 1961 and divorced after five years. During their marriage, which ended in 1966, the couple had a daughter, Tara.

James fell in love with Playboy model Sheila Ryan after his first marriage ended, and they married in 1976. During their brief marriage, which terminated in 1977, the couple had a son, Scott.

The late actor had moved on to Ingrid Hajek by 1990. James was 20 years older than his wife, and they had one child, a son named Alexander, before divorcing in 1994.

Linda Stokes, whom he married in 1995, was the star’s most recent marriage. The pair were married for twenty years, and the relationship took the largest toll on the actor due to legal disputes.

Stokes sued the singer many times, including for backdated child support and custody of their two boys, James Jr. and Jacob. James got a divorce from her twice, in 2005 and 2009, before filing for the final divorce in 2015.

When he was offered the job in “Apocalypse Now,” James declined since it coincided with Ryan’s pregnancy with Scott. The actor called the youngster his “dream child.”

To be present for his expectant wife, the actor gave up a house in Manila with a maid and helicopter trips to the forest location of the production. James revealed to the film’s producer that he despises tsetse flies and heights.

He refused to let his wife alone for six months when she was pregnant. When James’ sister Barbara died at the age of 38 following a lengthy battle with leukemia, his life altered dramatically.

He said that her death made him “weak and sad” because she was his manager and best friend, and she lived near him while he ran his production company.

James said that the only person he was terrified of was his sister. After her death, the celebrity recognized how vital passion was since it might end abruptly, noting:

“My desire was to watch my son grow up.”

According to Scott, James didn’t work on many films as a child; the celebrity put his career on hold for fifteen years! From the age of five to fifteen, Scott only knew his father as his father, not as an actor.

As James would spend time with the actor’s kid, he had his entire attention. Scott remembered his father as “rebellious,” having ups and downs in his life, but he was just his father to him.

The younger Caan had no idea who the huge celebrity was and had never seen James’ movies as a youngster because they were R-rated. Scott first viewed “The Godfather” when he was 11 years old.

James’ kid became unhappy and found the sequence in which his father’s character was shot strange before shutting off the film. Scott didn’t enjoy seeing his father in that light, but he subsequently admired his work and felt James was fantastic!

However, not everything was great in the father-son connection, as Scott went through some difficult times as a youngster. In 2010, the younger Caan told People magazine that it would be a lie to suggest their relationship wasn’t tumultuous.

James was upfront about his battle with and triumph over addiction. At the time, the actor admitted that he first saw his kid when he was “a bit rough around the edges.”

Scott, on the other hand, had “no animosity” against James. He recognized that his father made mistakes that harmed both of them, but James was always there for him.

Scott was an athlete as a youth, participating in sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. Scott went into athletics because his father was into it, but by the age of 11 or 12, he was tired of it and began taking illegal drugs and hanging around with the wrong crowd.

He wanted to be “rebellious,” so he took up surfing and skating, which his father despised. James preferred team sports, whereas his son was drawn to the novelty of skateboarding and surfing.

Skating and surfing were known as bad boy activities back then, and Scott desired that reputation because he didn’t want to fit in. Doing both sports liberated him from judgment.

The “Misery” actress was very particular about doing things well. He expected his kid to be the greatest or not bother at all, and he thought it was a tragedy when gifted individuals did not use their gifts.

Even as a youngster, James expected Scott to work harder than everybody else. He expected him to do things well and passionately, whether he liked them or not since there was always someone else who wanted them more.

Although the actor was not always an ideal parent, he strove to raise his son differently than his father did. James Connery confessed this in the September 2003 edition of Esquire:

“I’ve never seen my father weep.” My son witnessed my tears. “My father never told me he loved me, so I told Scott I loved him every other minute.”

The “Elf” hero was resolved to make fewer mistakes than his father in order for his sons to make fewer mistakes than him, and so on. He hoped that one day they would have “a perfect Caan.”

Scott and his long-term partner, Kacy Byxbee, had their first child together, a baby girl named Josie James Caan, on July 9, 2014. According to a source, James’ son took time off from work to attend his child’s birth.

When it comes to siblings, Tara [Caan] appears to have chosen a life apart from Hollywood, but she has been spotted with her father [James Caan] on multiple occasions.
Scott followed in his father’s footsteps and became an actor as well. He studied acting at Playhouse West in Los Angeles and rose to prominence in the 2001 adaptation of “Ocean’s Eleven.”

Scott has appeared in a number of films and television series, including “Hawaii Five-0,” “Into the Blue,” “Gone in 60 Seconds,” and “Varsity Blues.” James did not want him to enter the industry, as his doppelganger son stated:

“He understood it would be difficult to perform this job over and over again, and it’s difficult to be artistically thrilled about portraying the same guy for seven years.”

James, according to Scott, thought that “his family was more important” than his career. When coaching aspiring performers, the late celebrity remarked that family and friends were first, no matter how famous you became, because everything would ultimately go backward.

He believed that people who put all of their eggs in one basket end up hurting themselves. James believed such individuals were harmful, but he clarified that he wasn’t suggesting people shouldn’t do their best, but it was nice to have more.

In case things went wrong, the late actor reminded his son and others to have the support of their dads, girlfriends, and brothers. When it comes to siblings, Tara appears to have chosen a life apart from Hollywood, yet she has been seen with her father on multiple occasions.
Alexander was also an actor, but he hadn’t had any notable roles. He’s also a musician who makes electronic music with “Audio Medic,” while James Jr. keeps out of the spotlight.

Jacob used to attend events with their father but stepped back as he grew older. In February 2020, the youngest Caan was spotted pushing James in a wheelchair after dinner in Los Angeles, which was one of their rare appearances.

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