After spending over 60 years separated and 30 years seeking for his biological family, a man is reunited with his…

Martin Hauser spent decades searching for his long-lost biological brother and birth mother before ultimately reuniting with them after a trip that might be described as both lengthy and arduous.

Martin, now 59 years old, was placed for adoption in North Carolina a few months after he was born there in 1962. Both he and his sister learned at an early age that they had been adopted, with Martin’s adoption having taken place in Greensboro.

Following the breakup of his biological parents’ marriage, he and his adoptive mother relocated to Tucson, Arizona.

He spent the better part of the last three decades searching for his biological relatives, as his adoptive mother had always urged him to do. However, this turned out to be a very challenging undertaking.

It is not possible to access adoption records in the state of North Carolina. When he initially submitted his sample for DNA analysis in 2017, things began to heat up in his hunt. He began the process of constructing his family tree with the assistance of a volunteer.

She spent a significant amount of time going through his birth certificates, information from the US Census, findings from DNA tests, and other documents. The investigation led to the discovery of the name of a lady, the year she was born, and a connection to a child.

Martin had a good reason to believe that woman was his mother since the year of her birth coincided with the year listed in the material he had been given that did not name anybody.

The next year, 2019, Martin became aware of a modification to a state statute. If either the adopted or the birth parent wished to begin a search for the other, a law that was enacted in 2008 made it possible for third parties to act in a confidential capacity as intermediaries.

Martin joined forces with the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina (Children’s Home Society) to begin the process of locating his birth parents. In December of 2020, the group discovered the passing certificate of his biological father, which was a significant step forward for him.

After his father passed away in 2008, his son Joseph B. Shaw Jr. was named as the next of kin on the deceased person. Martin was able to locate his biological brother on Facebook inside the first 15 minutes.

“I sent him a message that day, a little little message, explaining who I am and who I am to him, and that we share the same father and to call me”.

After a couple of weeks, on January 7th, Joseph, who is 58 years old, answered with his phone number. He has spent the whole of his life in the state of North Carolina, more specifically in the town of Westfield.

The fact that the two guys had the same mother was brought to light after they began conversing with one another, which indicates that they are biological brothers. Martin and Joseph ended up conversing for three hours straight, taking a break only to let their families know what was going on.

Since then, these brothers have been in regular contact with one another by phoning or messaging every single day. Soon after, Joseph revealed to Martin that he had just been engaged and would be getting married in the near future.

Martin and his wife went to the wedding on April 25 so that they could meet the rest of their family and spend time with some of their children and grandkids.

At the airport in Greensboro, two days before the wedding, the long-lost siblings had an emotional reunion with each other after many years apart. Martin even commemorated the event by donning a shirt that said, “Big Brother Finally!” on his chest.

During the wedding, Martin spoke with a number of his cousins as well as other family members. Additionally present was the biological mother of the children.

Their mother said that their father was a nasty who never provided her with any financial support. In addition, she was ill at the time and was going in and out of the hospital.

She was aware that she would be unable to provide a proper upbringing for their children, therefore she had no choice but to place them for adoption.

Because of what he went through, Martin is now on a mission to assist other individuals in North Carolina in finding their biological parents, siblings, or the children they gave up for adoption.

He made it clear that he did not want anybody to spend thirty years seeking for them.

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