An upset educator writes an open letter in which she criticizes parents for “coddling and enabling” their children, says that parents have become way too…

Having to deal with this challenge while working in a profession that is already underpaid and underappreciated is really troubling. One educator in Texas was particularly annoyed by a few of her pupils and the parents of those children who enabled their behavior.

One incidence made her so furious that it finally pushed her over the edge to give up the job completely.

She proceeded to Facebook and detailed in her blog post an event in which a mother became unhappy because her kid was made to take responsibility for his inappropriate conduct. Marburger was publicly reprimanded by the parent in front of the student.

Marburger has posted a number of upsetting photographs on her Facebook page, which demonstrate the harsh environments in which she is required to instruct on a daily basis.

The photographs include textbooks that have been ripped to bits, bookcases that have been wrecked, a floor that is a mess, and a wad of gum that is resting on the window ledge.  Marburger did not receive a classroom budget; thus, all of the goods that were burned were bought using Marburger’s own funds.

Marburger went on to explain that over half of the students in her class were failing because they had not turned in their homework.

The educator shared her thoughts in a letter, saying, “Parents have a moral obligation to cease coddling and supporting their children.

This is an issue that will quickly become widespread across our society and spread like wildfire.

Teaching children that this behavior is acceptable is not only unfair to society as a whole, but more significantly, it is not fair to the children themselves. It is not something that will help them live a prosperous and happy life.”

Even though Marburger noted that she had a number of “wonderful, hard-working, courteous” pupils in her class, she continued to be of the opinion that further work needed to be done in order to make the learning environment better for everyone involved, including instructors.

She said that the current educational system in its current shape is in need of revision. “It is not working well and is not sufficient for our youngsters.” Marburger also said that there should be a “higher level of responsibility in all areas” for children.


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