British actor Simon Basset has been officially declared the most handsome man

The scientific community has now proven what we have known since first seeing Regé-Jean Page. The British actor, best known as Bridgerton’s cheeky and seductive Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, has been crowned the most attractive man. This time, there are receipts to back it up.

The data originates from the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, an empirical instrument that gauges an individual’s “physical perfection.” The scale was invented by Greek intellectuals to assess beauty. Dr. Julian de Silva, a London-based facial cosmetic surgeon, recently prepared a list to determine which guy in modern times scored the best.

According to his study, Page ranks first on this instrument with a score of 93.65%, surpassing Chris Hemsworth’s score of 93.53%. Other prominent guys on the list include actor Michael B. Jordan and (surprise, surprise) Harry Styles. The surgeon used cutting-edge computer mapping techniques to analyze and then evaluate the celebrities’ characteristics. De Silva says that these technologies “help us figure out some of the mysteries of what makes someone physically attractive, and they are important when planning surgery on patients.”

“He received definitely the greatest score for his eye spacing, and his eye location also scored highly,” De Silva noted. As speculation mounts that Page is the front-runner to be the next James Bond, the surgeon’s announcement further strengthens the actor’s case. “His finely formed lips also received excellent marks.”

And who can blame them? The 34-year-old actor redefined historical drama romance with just one role. Just recall the part where he tells Daphne, “If I were sincerely courting you, I would not need flowers.” “I’d need five minutes alone in the drawing room with you.”

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