Christine Taylor Breaks Out the Reasons Why She and Ben Stiller Decided to Get Back Together: “We Found Out…”

Christine Taylor is providing information on the choice that she and Ben Stiller made to divorce in 2017 and then to get back together during pandemic.

The actress, who is 51 years old, discussed her personal life with her co-star from The Wedding Singer, Drew Barrymore, on Tuesday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. She recalled how she and Stiller, who is 57 years old, “knew each other for six months, got engaged, were married within a year, then had [daughter Ella, who is now 20] the next year.”

“Family was always a priority, but I believe Ben and I both began to develop in separate direction.

I think it was about that time that we both started to date And when we made the choice to split, it was not something we wanted to speak publicly about or took lightly.”

The actress said that prior to their divorce, she and her husband had been living together “were at a point where they said, “Let’s sort this out — what’s best at this chapter in our lives?” and we were at a loss for what to do.

It goes back somewhere between three and four years. And throughout that time apart, each of us came to a better understanding of who we are.”

“Even as adults, I believe we continue to experience these periods of rapid development, and in order to sort it out, we need some more time

In an interview that was published in February 2022, the actor from Meet the Parents claimed the pair had gotten back together, which took place over five years later.

On the episode of Barrymore’s program that aired on Tuesday, Taylor shared with her co-star that “We always maintained a family unit.” “So when the pandemic struck, and we all had to figure out where we were going to bunker down, we all ended up in our home along with two youngsters, and we discovered this route back.”

“We had a lot of time to communicate to each other, and there were no other interruptions… That developed naturally all by itself .”

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