During the Git-up challenge, the horse steals the whole show

Blanco Brown’s debut single, “The Git Up,” was released in May 2019. Brown is a record producer, lyricist, and musician.

As appealing as the song is, the line dance has become so popular that it has become an online challenge.
People from all walks of life would submit their own unique takes on the dancing craze, using their backgrounds and occupations as the backdrop for their films.

It’s awesome!

Olli Arnemann enjoys posting videos of himself and his horse, and their interpretation of Brown’s dancing challenge is… unique.

Olli does not perform all of the dance moves.

Instead, he rides his horse around the cage while listening to music!
The man is physically guiding his horse to move to the music.

“OMG. The Greatest Get-Up Challenge Ever It’s incredible how this man came up with the idea for this film and how well-trained this lovely horse is.
Janis Bell claims And she’s probably right!

Of course, there’s always the possibility that his horse loves music and dancing in front of the camera…

Due to the success of the music and dance, Blanco Brown even created an instructional video on how to demonstrate the dance.
Online, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of these git-up challenge videos.

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