During their conversation on the bus, two college students had the startling realization that they had known each other for the last 15 years…

These two college students were on what seemed to be an ordinary bus journey at first, but it quickly turned into an exciting and surprising discovery for them.

The conversation between Ally Cole, a sophomore at Liberty University, and Ruby Wierzbicki, a freshman at the university, began in April on a bus journey across campus when Ally Cole sat next to Ruby Wierzbicki and made conversation with her seatmate.

They soon found out that they had already been acquainted with one another in the past.

The girls’ talk originally centered around their majors and home states. Ruby said that she was adopted from China and grew up in the state of New Jersey, but Ally stated that she was raised in the state of Maryland but was also adopted from China.

At first, the university students believed it to be nothing more than a simple coincidence. But once Ruby brought up a picture of her on a red and blue slide from the Jinan Social Welfare Institute, Ally stated that she had seen it before and that she thought it looked familiar.

After that, the latter brought up an old image of her on the same slide, and at that point, everything began to make sense; it turned out that they had both been raised in the same orphanage!

“We held the images side by side on our phones and noticed that everything matched, and we knew that it had to be the same spot,” Ruby said.

The two college students resumed their walk down memory lane after the bus had dropped them off at their destination. It was discovered that they had been adopted one week apart from one another 15 years ago.

Ally stated, “We began scrolling through our images on our phones, and I noticed that Ruby had a lot of photos of me that I’d never seen before as well as photos were we were together.”

Given that there are over 15,000 students enrolled at the university, neither of them can bring themselves to accept the idea that their chance encounter and subsequent relationship are the result of pure chance.

“There’s no possibility that two individuals who were at the at the same orphanage in a different country at the same time could somehow wind up at the same school and have it not be God.”

On the other side, Ally is just relieved that she will finally receive a clearer picture of her life in China, which is something that she has been curious about for a time now. Now that she has Ruby at her side, she can relish the opportunity to delve into her history.

Ruby and Ally have reached out to some of their other orphanage pals in an effort to reconnect with them.

They just found out that an old friend of theirs called Isaac Rivers lived in North Carolina, which led to the three of them getting together after an absence of thirteen years.


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