Everyone was surprised by Jo Dee Messina’s appearance at the CMA Awards

Cole Swindell has a surprise for those who watched the 2022 CMA Awards on Wednesday night (November 9).

Swindell began by playing his number one tune, “She Had Me at Heads Carolina.” The song alludes to Jo Dee Messina’s breakthrough single, “Heads Carolina, Tails California,” from 1996. He just dropped a remix of “She Had Me at Heads Carolina,” featuring Messina.

But the couple decided to go a step further. Messina appeared onstage midway through Swindell’s CMA Awards performance. Her arrival was unexpected. So everyone was taken aback to see her!

Messina jumped in and began singing “Heads Carolina, Tails California,” much to the pleasure of the audience.

The performance was also well received by viewers at home. Some of the YouTube comments included:

“I got chills seeing Jo Dee!” “It was amazing to witness her perform her song.”

“Excellent tune!” They did an excellent job singing this together. “Jo Dee Messina sounds fantastic!”

“She sounded just like the original recording.”

“Jo Dee is amazing on stage with Cole, with her renowned sounding pipes!”

“CHILLS!!! “When Jo Dee walked out, it was maybe the happiest moment of my week!”

If you missed Swindell and Messina’s performance at the CMA Awards, watch the video below. They pulled off a spectacular surprise!

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