Happy Wednesday, as performed by Anthony Hopkins in his best impression from the Netflix show “Wednesday…”

Even though he’s not exposing both hands, Anthony Hopkins is still a talented actor till the very end.

Hopkins, who is 84 years old, decided to mark up his right hand to mimic the scars of the Addams Family character Thing so that he could execute an impersonation of the character on Wednesday, which was also the day that the hit Netflix series Wednesday premiered.

Hopkins shows his hand — as Thing — making its way across a surface while the iconic Addams Family theme song plays in the background of the black-and-white video that he uploaded to Instagram.

When his hand reaches a piano, it starts playing the ivories before moving on to the next surface.

The actor from Silence of the Lambs stated in the post’s caption, “Happy Wednesday,” and tagged the official Instagram account for the Netflix series Wednesday Addams, which stars Jenna Ortega.

Hopkins continued by saying, “THING occurs when an actor has free time on his hands.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones, who co-stars in Wednesday as the matriarch of the Addams family, Morticia Addams, and who worked with Hopkins in 1998’s The Mask of Zorro, reacted with glee to Hopkins’ impression of the formless hand.

“Haha. I love you so Tony. LOVE,” Zeta-Jones, who is 53 years old, expressed her thoughts in the comments section of the actor’s article.

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