How sweet! After the passing of the family pet, a father’s reaction to the gift of a new puppy from his children might be rather emotional…

When we see a lovely and cuddly dog, we all experience the same warm and fuzzy feelings.

They are so cute that just looking at them makes your day better. Because of their reputation for being such loving and dependable friends, dogs are often chosen to fill the role of family pets. In spite of the fact that bringing them up and teaching them might be a lot of effort, it is unquestionably worthwhile since they will shower you with love no matter what throughout their whole lives.

In this clip, a father is moved to tears after being presented with a brand-new German Shepherd puppy that has been given the name Piper. At first, a box is presented to him, and he is unsure what is contained inside it.

Then, while he searches, he comes upon the sweetest tiny dog! When he takes up the puppy and begins hugging her, he breaks down and starts weeping. It is obvious that the father is over over heels in love with the new dog he has brought home because he exclaims, “Look how gorgeous!” as he pets the animal.

After the passing of his much-loved dog called Trixie, his children presented their father with the gift of their new puppy, Piper. You can hear his son talking to him on the phone and telling him that “She won’t replace Trixie, but she’ll try.”

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