In a speeding car, an Indiana guy flips 5 times and survives. His mother thinks what happened was “unbelievable”

An Indiana boy was riding in the passenger seat as his friend drove when a bump caused the driver to lose control. Moments later, the boy fought to get out of the wrecked automobile, which had overturned five times.

Jaydon Ray was always attracted by gleaming automobile bodywork, gleaming rims, and spotless leather interiors. While still a teenager, the Indiana native converted his hobby into a company by opening an auto polishing shop.

His friends and family were well aware of his passion for automobiles. Ray understood how to give automobiles, whether SUVs or hatchbacks, the right makeover. However, the adolescent had no idea that the item he adored would impact his life forever.

Ray, his cousin, and a buddy were working on a red automobile in August 2021, and it was just another day. The lads decided to take the car for a spin after repairing everything in it.

Ray sat in the passenger seat, his cousin in the back, and his friend in the driver’s seat. The three lads were driving north of Sweetser, Indiana, unaware that the driver would shortly lose control of the car.

Ray’s companion pressed the throttle before their car drove over a hump and hit a pole while traveling on a rough road. The crimson vehicle then rolled five times before coming to a stop in an adjacent yard.

Ray, who was meant to be returning to his workshop, was instead battling to get out of the wrecked car. He fell on the ground, trying not to close his eyes, and managed to extricate his cousin from the backseat.

Ray, on the other hand, was unable to assist his friend in getting out of the driver’s seat. He lay down on the ground, exhausted, possibly expecting that someone would come to their relief soon. Ray remembered:

“I thought I was dead.”

Soon after, a few family members discovered the boys and promptly phoned the fire department for assistance. Meanwhile, Ray’s mother, Amber Lavengood, a skilled nurse, learned about her son’s injury.

Lavengood anticipated that her kid would be gravely harmed after learning about the tragedy and hoped that prayers would help him recuperate. She contacted her mother before coming to the accident site and said:

“Mom, please pray, not for my baby.”

When Lavengood arrived at the scene of the collision, she found Ray lying on the ground while firefighters attempted to extract his companion from the destroyed automobile. She ran over to her kid and checked to see whether he had any significant injuries.

“I’m OK. “Jesus rescued me,” Ray said. He claimed that just his back and neck hurt, but the nurse in Lavengood suspected that his arm had been wounded. She waited for the firefighters to arrive and transport him to the nearest hospital.

While physicians performed various tests on Ray in the hospital, Lavengood expected the findings to indicate that her son had suffered severe injuries. Meanwhile, she discovered that Ray’s buddy and cousin had broken bones.

The physicians were taken aback when they received Ray’s test results. Despite being involved in a terrifying collision, the boy escaped with only minor scrapes on his arm.

Ray was sent home that night by the physicians, although his mother believed what had transpired was “unbelievable.” The adolescent healed and returned to his normal life two weeks later. His friend and relative were also totally healed.

Ray almost died only days before his 18th birthday, but he miraculously lived. The experience changed his life and brought him closer to God. He said that he had begun to pray more frequently.

While Ray and his family thought his survival was unbelievable, netizens were astounded when they learned about the incident. Here are some of the reactions on The Epoch Times’ Facebook page:

“Wow! “You’re quite fortunate.”

September 29, 2022 (@Rachael Cammie Angie)
“All three were extremely fortunate to have survived!”

September 28, 2022 (@Cheryl Parks)

While Ray and his family believed his survival was incredible, netizens were taken aback when they heard about the tragedy. Some of the comments on The Epoch Times’ Facebook page:

“Wow! ”

“You’re quite fortunate.”

September 29, 2022 Angie (@Rachael Cammie)
“All three were extremely fortunate to have survived!”

(@Cheryl Parks) September 28, 2022

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