It wasn’t until she gave birth in the bathroom that the mother realized she was pregnant with her third child…

Dimitty Bonnett, an Australian woman in her 28th year, was taken aback when she unexpectedly gave birth while she was in the shower since she had no idea she was pregnant. They admitted that they had stopped trying for a third child a long time ago.

On the other hand, Dimitty had an odd sensation one night. And the events that followed were such a surprise to her that they even took her entire family by surprise! After putting the children to bed, she and her husband decided to turn in for the night, however, the mother awoke at one in the morning with a great deal of discomfort.

She said that despite she had a pressing urge to use the restroom, she was unable to move. Because the agony was becoming steadily greater, She decided to take a shower in an effort to alleviate it and feel better.

Even after taking a hot shower, Dimitty was still in a lot of discomfort, and all of a sudden she had the need to push.”The next thing I knew, I was clutching a baby’s head,” she recalled, “I had no idea what had happened.”

The laboring mother was able to find a comfortable position and ultimately gave delivery in the bathroom. And she, along with Jason, was taken completely by surprise by it. It may seem absurd, but Dimitty Bonnett had no knowledge whatsoever that she was carrying her third child when she became pregnant. The woman, now 28 years old, had kept up her consistent menstrual routine. She didn’t put on a significant amount of weight as well.

Dimitty provided the following justification for her recent weight gain: “My weight has fluctuated my whole life, so I didn’t think anything of it when I put on a few pounds, i supposed there was just a little bit of lockdown weight, and it wasn’t that obvious,” the speaker said.

In point of fact, the mother had even done a pregnancy test in the shower only a few weeks before to giving birth, just to make sure she was pregnant. It had been determined to be incorrect.

She said, “I’d travelled on a plane a month earlier, and even had an x-ray after a rugby injury six weeks before I gave birth. There was not a single part of me that entertained the idea that I might be anticipating anything.”

Dimitty shouted for her husband after she had given birth as she was in the shower. When he walked in, his wife was carrying a newborn baby, and he was just as surprised as Dimitty was to see her doing so. They placed a call for an ambulance, and the paramedics assisted in transporting the mother and child to the hospital.

Dimitty said that the first several days were something of a haze for her since “it was such a major surprise.”

There was a significant risk of complications given that Dimitty had no knowledge she was pregnant and that she gave birth when she was in the shower, but, luckily both mom and child are doing just fine.

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