It’s amazing how much energy sisters have on stage while clogging

Dancing is an art form that may be done at any tempo and in any manner.

The sisters in the video below may captivate you with their lightning-fast feet!

Lauren and Kaylee Thomas are sisters from Kentucky who both like clogging. In fact, they’ve been involved in the sport since they were children, and they’ve won several accolades and achieved tremendous things as a team.

If you haven’t seen them in action yet, the performance below will give you a sense of their remarkable abilities.

The Thomas sisters are no strangers to competition. At the Clogging Champions of America, they performed a duet.
Lauren and Kaylee begin with their backs to the audience and identical attire and haircuts. When the twangy music starts, beware! With fast-moving feet, kicks, and an incredible amount of energy, the two seize each other’s hands and launch into their clogging routine.

No, you aren’t seeing double; there are two of them.
There’s no disputing that the sisters resemble each other, especially considering everything they’re wearing matches. It’s almost as if your eyes are playing tricks on you when they move in perfect synchrony. However, they are not twins, and this is not an optical illusion. Kaylee is the pair’s older sister, and they are separated by several years.

Clogging is a dancing technique that many of us do not see very often. However, it is Kentucky’s official state dance and part of its Appalachian culture, according to State Symbols USA.
Lauren and Kaylee’s performance is set to a fast-paced bluegrass song that fits their routine perfectly. There are several spins, as well as amusing maneuvers like hopping and clicking their heels.

The Thomas sisters are award-winning dancers who have graced various venues throughout the years.
Kaylee began clogging at the age of five, while Lauren was three, according to the Doubletoe Times.

They were ecstatic to be on the Nickelodeon game show Figure It Out in 2012. They also performed an act dubbed “The Terror Tap Twins” on an episode of The Gong Show in 2018.

The Clogging Champions of America (CCA) tournament is open to performers of all skill levels, from novice to advanced.
They were established in 1997 with the intention of increasing interest and involvement in the type of dance and competition, as well as encouraging “fun and camaraderie.” The CCA guarantees that novice dancers love clogging competitions just as much as expert dancers. CCA explains on its website:

“The purpose of CCA is to foster a spirit of enthusiastic and sportsmanlike competition as well as expand opportunities for cloggers in the competitive and entertainment sectors.”

People are clapping and cheering as they watch the sisters do their dance routine. In fact, just witnessing how much energy they have on stage could make you sleepy!

“I adore this very much!” said one viewer.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you enjoy stunning dance performances that you don’t see every day.

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