John Travolta’s late wife would have been 60 this year, and he still misses his “dance partner”

John Travolta and Kelly Preston had an extraordinary relationship that lasted over three decades. They relied on each other as they faced life’s hardships.

The lovebirds were the epitome of a power couple, and their romance enthralled many followers. Unfortunately, all came to an end in 2020 when the actress and model died.

Travolta has kept Preston’s memory alive and has always praised her in the years after her death. Preston was recently recognized again by the “Saturday Night Fever” actor. Travolta went to Instagram to commemorate what would have been her 60th birthday.

He shared a photo of himself and his late wife at an event. The Oscar nominee was dressed in a black suit and shirt in the photo.

Preston, on the other hand, chose a simple black dress that contrasted beautifully with her golden hair. The pair hugged and grinned broadly for the camera. Travolta captioned the photograph:

“To my favorite dance partner, happy birthday!” “Kelly, we love and miss you as well.”

Soon after the picture went live on Instagram, fans, friends, and celebrities flocked to the comments section to congratulate Preston. Some internet users wished the late model a happy birthday, while others encouraged Travolta.

They hoped the star would remain strong as Preston kept an eye on him and his family. Travolta’s late wife will be remembered as a wonderful wife, mother, actress, and dancer.

Travolta and Preston had many interests in common, one of which was their passion for dancing. When the pair initially met for a screen test for “The Experts,” their mutual love of dancing was one of the factors that brought them together.

Travolta and Preston made it a point to pay respect to Jett on social media in the years after his death.

During the film, the pair’s characters performed an exciting erotic dance sequence. Travolta and Preston grew close after performing a dance routine together, and the rest is history.

They married in 1991, and dancing became an important aspect of their marriage over the years. The celebrities adored one another’s company and couldn’t stop moving whenever they were in the same room.

The late model claimed that she and her husband danced all the time during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”

Preston stated that one of the finest parts of marrying Travolta was dancing with him. She went on to say that dancing was a family affair as well. In her own words:

“We dance with the kids; we dance at home; we go out dancing.” “I adore it.”

Four years prior to Preston’s interview with Andy Cohen, the pair hinted that they enjoyed being each other’s dancing partners. During a Vanity Fair interview in 2014, an interviewer asked Travolta who he would want to dance with outside of his wife.

The actor first stated that he was not interested in moving his body with anybody other than his wife. He then mentioned singer Bono, in addition to his wife.

Surprisingly, Preston expressed the same feeling, stating that Travolta was her first choice, but if she had to dance with anybody else, it would be Bono.

After the Vanity Fair interview, the pair continued to dance for a few more years until Preston died on July 12, 2020, of breast cancer. Travolta, who was crushed by the news, disclosed it on Instagram. He stated:

“It is with a sad heart that I notify you that my lovely wife, Kelly, has succumbed to breast cancer after a two-year struggle.” “She fought a valiant battle with the affection and support of many.”

Travolta then apologized to his followers, explaining that he was taking time off to be with his grieving children. Indeed, the actor stepped up for his children, and his fatherly devotion to them endured even after Preston’s death.

Travolta said on an August 2021 episode of “Hard to Heart” that his kid shared his anxieties about losing his father when Preston died. However, the actor emphasized to his kid that death was unavoidable but that he might attempt to live as long as he could.

Jett, Ella, and Benjamin were Travolta and Preston’s three children. Jett, their eldest child, was born on April 13, 1992. The couple’s first kid suffered from health issues such as autism, seizures, and Kawasaki Syndrome throughout his childhood.

Jett died in 2009, after battling cancer for 16 years. Following their son’s death, Travolta and Preston took to social media to pay respect to Jett.

Benjamin, the couple’s second child, was born on November 23, 2010. As the son of A-list movie actors, Benjamin has had the opportunity to walk the red carpet a few times. Benjamin accompanied his parents to the premiere of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” in May 2018.

Aside from being seen with his parents, the youngster is also a sports fan. Travolta claims his son likes gymnastics and tennis, as well as fishing and computer games.

Meanwhile, his older sister, Ella, dislikes athletics but enjoys theater. Ella made her cinematic debut at the age of nine on April 3, 2000. In “Old Dogs,” she co-starred with Robin Williams.

Ella has been in numerous productions, such as “The Poison Rose” and the live-action retelling of “Alice in Wonderland,” since her debut appearance on television in 2009. Travolta said he is really proud of his daughter and will continue to support her professional endeavors.

Ella, a spitting image of her mother, is also her father’s dancing partner in addition to being a budding actress. Ella and Travolta paid tribute to Preston more than a month after her death by doing a unique dance in her honor and posting it on social media.

It was stunning to witness, and spectators praised the father and daughter for their excellent maneuvers. Preston’s honor will always be Ella’s and Travolta’s ambition. May the late actress’s spirit rest in peace.

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