Just an hour after birth, twin newborns were caught communicating with each other

They appear to be speaking in a secret language: It goes without saying that having kids is a life-changing event that impacts everything. It may be difficult for new parents to know what to expect immediately following the birth of their child. In a 2014 video, two newborn twin brothers are shown conversing and swiveling their heads to gaze at each other, as if they’re having a discussion. When their parents noticed the lovely event, they began filming it.

Mom must have been surprised when her twin boys had their first conversation less than an hour after birth. In this heartfelt video, the two boys exchange sympathetic glances and begin talking to one another, as if to say, “Wasn’t that insane? What happened just now?

This lovely thirty-second movie quickly went viral. The audience is certainly as astonished as Mom was! One bystander makes a lighthearted remark: « We are finally finished. We made it out alive. I told you it was going to work, dude.

Another young mother inquires, “How long have you been here?” “9 months have passed.” Others thought that this early symptom of babbling was a sign of how children learn to talk and interact with others as they get older.

Whatever the cause, we can all agree that this is a great moment that highlights the incredible bond that twins have from the time they are born.

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