Kathie Lee Gifford’s son and his wife celebrated their first Thanksgiving with their adorable baby boy and shared images of the little boy on social media

Cody Gifford and his wife, Erika Gifford, spent their first Thanksgiving with their gorgeous newborn son, Frank “Frankie” Gifford Jr., on November 24, 2022. To commemorate the occasion, the couple posted photos of their son on social media.

Kathie Lee Gifford’s daughter-in-law provided the loveliest close-up photograph of the child with his mouth wide open in an Instagram Story post. Little Frank Jr. appeared to be hungry for some Thanksgiving fare!

“Most thankful ever,” Erika captioned the image. Cody also shared the same photograph on Twitter, but in a larger size, showing his kid sitting in his high chair and confessing that he was “thankful.”

Erika offered a side picture of her kid seated in a separate chair with a bib around his neck in a second Instagram Story post. Erika wrote, “What a day,” and Kathie Lee commented with one word, “blessed,” on the bib, which said, “My first Thanksgiving,” and contained a turkey and some leaves.

Cody’s wife also shared two cute photographs of the tiny child dressed in his Thanksgiving finest, which featured the bib and a matching turkey head cap, on Instagram. Frank Jr. had his small foot in his mouth in the first photo, and his lovely little tongue was on display in the second!

The mother of the young kid indicated that their actual and metaphorical plates and hearts were both full. She said they’d been “gobbling this little turkey” (their kid) at every opportunity.

Erika also stated that they will be eternally grateful to Jesus for their greatest blessing, Frank Jr. This was another holiday that the Giffords were unable to enjoy in the absence of the young boy’s namesake and Kathie Lee’s husband, Frank Gifford Jr.

Frank Jr. was an Emmy Award-winning sportscaster and a legendary former New York Giants player, but to his children, he was just their father. The actor had five children in all, the youngest of whom were Cody and Cassidy from his marriage to Kathie Lee.

Frank Jr. died unexpectedly on August 9, 2015, leaving his family confused. When he died, his family was extremely surprised, and they had to deal with the loss and their feelings while grieving.

Cody, then 25 years old, saw his father as the ideal role model, inspiring him to follow in his father’s footsteps. Erika’s spouse attended the University of Southern California and played football.

Wellington Mara, the former New York Giants co-owner, reportedly described Frank Jr. as “the son every parent” would’ve delighted to have, according to the late star’s son. Mara also stated that Cody’s father was the sort of father that any kid would be happy to have.

She [Kathie Lee Gifford] was overjoyed about the new and lovely era in her life!
Cody agreed with Mara, saying he was “beyond words” thrilled to have Frank Jr. His sister described him as “that legend,” not just her father but also the most giving and compassionate human being she’d ever known.

Despite the love Frank Jr.’s children had for him, his wife was surprised to learn that her grandchild would share his name. The former “Today” program co-host has expressed her reservations about the name.

Frank Jr., Cody’s first kid with his wife, was born on May 31, 2022; his first name was the same as his late grandfather’s. Kathie Lee, who will be 69 in 2022, admitted that she had no idea her grandson would be named after her late husband, adding:

“I was shocked Cody named him after his father since Cody understood what it was like to grow up in a great man’s shadow.”

However, the former television star admitted that Cody would most likely never recover from his father’s death. Kathie Lee discussed how the late star’s son lost him when he was young and how he was and continues to be his hero.

Cody’s mother expressed her delight in an Instagram post commemorating the birth of her son. She expressed excitement about the new and lovely era of her life!

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