Keanu Reeves’ kindness toward a young fan in this viral video moves Twitter

Another day, another instance in which Keanu Reeves demonstrates his impeccable taste. In a video posted to Twitter on April 25, the John Wick actor can be seen speaking with a little fan called Noah at a surprise signing at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles. Reeves’ first comic book, BRZRKR, which follows an “immortal warrior’s struggle across the centuries,” was released in 2021, with a second volume following in 2022 and a third volume appearing in October of the following year.

Reeves introduces himself to Noah after asking his name in the viral video. Noah tells him, “You’re definitely my favorite actor in the entire world.” Reeves then asks Noah whether he remembers seeing Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4. Noah’s favorite character was Duke Caboom. As of April 26, the Twitter video had 1.8 million views.

Twitter was flooded with praise for Reeves’ generosity and patience while connecting with this young admirer. Many people referred to him as “the GOAT” and a “national treasure.”

One especially poignant moment on Twitter was when Reeves introduced himself to Noah. “I’m absolutely melting,” one passenger said. “Celebrities like him are exceedingly uncommon; he knew that boy’s name and still introduced himself; it’s the little things that count; we must defend Keanu at all costs,” another said.

“I don’t want to be a part of a world where being nice is a weakness,” Reeves once stated on The Graham Norton Show. And he lives his life by these words every day.

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