Professional golfer gave a hug to a fan even though his outburst cost him the game… Why?

At the 2019 Visa Open de Argentina, which took place in Buenos Aires, the professional golfer Brandon Matthews, unfortunately, found himself in a tough predicament.

Matthews blew his opportunity to win the big event, which required him to have his whole attention on the game the entire time, in a split second.

Someone shouted, which caused the audience’s hush to be broken just as the Colombian golfer Ricardo Celia was getting about to sink a critical putt in an unexpected playoff against him. Matthews jerked his shoulder, which resulted in his missing the shot.

The golfer was in utter disbelief. Matthews had not only lost his chance to get an annual exemption into the British Open, but he had also missed the opportunity to win the championship title.

Matthews was under the impression that someone had purposefully cried out, and he saw this as a clear demonstration of contempt. Before making his way back to the locker room, he had responded in an instinctual manner by gesticulating and staring at the gallery.

Claudio Rivas, the senior administration manager of the PGA Tour Latinoamérica, came to apologize to the dejected golfer as he was sitting there thinking about how much he had lost. Rivas clarified that the ill-timed outburst was not an intentional attempt of sabotage and did not originate from a heckler in the audience.

Unluckily for Matthews, a middle-aged guy with Down syndrome had gotten himself worked up to the point where he couldn’t stop himself from making a sound while he was playing. After hearing the news, Matthews’ tone quickly changed, and his aggravation transformed into sorrow for the fan.

Matthews was upset that the fan had to go through this. He was filled with regret about his behavior and begged Rivas for the opportunity to speak with the one who was responsible for his losing a major golf event.

“I simply wanted to make sure that he was having fun, that he did not have any hard feelings, and that he did not feel horrible about what occurred,” he said. Juan was given reassurance by the golfer that everything was going to be well, and the golfer even autographed a glove and a ball for him.

According to Matthews, the moving experience was about “placing a smile on the face of someone else and having an influence on the life of another person.

I have been around people with mental problems ever since I was a tiny child, and because of this, I am aware of how exceptional these individuals are.”

Matthews has had a difficult year in golf, but he is absolutely correct when he says that “some things are greater than golf. This is considered to be one of them.”

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