Strangers were outraged by the gift that was given to an employee in recognition of 27 years of service, so they came in with more than $250,000…

People couldn’t believe the present (candies, a tumbler, a pen, and a ticket to a movie)  that was given to Burger King employee Kevin Ford in recognition of his remarkable commitment to the company over the course of his 27 years of service.

Although Kevin was happy, Instagram watchers were not! In point of fact, they were incensed by the little present that was offered to an employee who had contributed so much to his job. Kevin has been working at the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport for the last 27 years. He is now employed at Burger King and HMSHost.

That is a significant amount of time spent with a single business, and such longevity with a single company is indicative of a person who is loyal and has a strong work ethic. However, this is not all. Kevin’s tenure at the restaurant exceeds simply 27 years as an employee.

Not only that, but in all of those 27 years, he has never skipped a shift! That is just incredible!

Kevin, who is now 54 years old, is a single parent who brought up his children while working as a fry cook at Burger King. When asked how he managed to have such an outstanding attendance record, he responded as follows: “You have a responsibility to educate these children as well as provide for their basic needs. Therefore, I have never once given any consideration to skipping even a single day.”

At that point, Kevin’s daughter Seryna intervened in the situation. Seryna, much like her father, did not have any expectations of her father’s previous employer and did not have any ill will against that person.

However, she decided to create a GoFundMe page and extended an invitation to others who were following Kevin’s journey to make a donation if they were moved to do so. But Seryna was completely unprepared for the overwhelming and sincere reaction that was forthcoming.

More than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars’ worth of donations were given in Kevin’s honor in order to celebrate his 27 years of service at Burger King. They were moved by his humility, admiration, and devotion to both his family and his business, and they wanted to give him a present that they believed would be more meaningful for him to receive while he was leaving.

Kevin maintains a grateful attitude, as seen by a statement he made in an interview: “Despite the fact that you have had this feeling for so many years, you still get out of bed every morning just like everyone else.

It is really humbling when someone takes the time to acknowledge the effort that you put into your work, it seems like I’ve been living in a dream for the last almost two days. It is really stunning and remarkable in every way.”

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