Surely, you haven’t seen this kind of Macarena

The song and its accompanying Macarena dance were hugely successful. VH1 dubbed the trio “The Greatest One-Hit Wonder of All Time” in 2002. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, André Rieu has created quite a sensation with his international concert tour. In 2018, the famed violinist and the Spanish pair collaborated for an outstanding show.

“My ambition is to make all of the classical music available to everyone.”

Those are the exact words used by André Rieu, a Dutch violinist and conductor, to express his professional aspirations. In 1987, he founded the Johann Strauss Orchestra, which performs waltzes. Rieu brought together some of the greatest players, and they adapted classical and waltz music into a performance presentation. The initiative started with only twelve employees on board. André’s Orchestra now features 50 to 60 musicians on stage. For his achievements, he has received over 500 platinum and 270 gold medals. His father was a conductor, and he began playing the violin when he was five years old. It helps that Rieu speaks six languages and has been a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion since 2002.

The names behind the 90s dancing fad are Antonio Romeo Monge and Rafael Ruiz.

They are a Spanish flamenco-pop duet with the moniker “Those from the River.” They founded the pair in 1962, and three decades later, their massive smash “Macarena” began its reign on the charts in the United States.

Don’t forget about the dance, which is actually fairly simple: you simply need to distinguish your right side from your left side.

In their hometown of Dos Hermanas, a municipal music hall was named after them. Everyone dances side by side in the video, and we’re not joking.

When Los del Rio sang “Macarena” live at the 2018 Maastricht event, there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t dancing!

We adore seeing people’s reactions when the music starts playing—their surprise and excitement are wonderful!

In case you weren’t aware of how popular the song is, this video should suffice.
The Macarena beat takes over the orchestra, the audience, Andre, and Los del Rio. And everyone knows how to do the dance!

We were astounded to witness people of different ages dancing side by side to the same dance.

The ladies in the orchestra are also dressed beautifully!

The film depicts so much joy in one spot that there are no words to convey the feeling.

We may do anything, but the best thing to do is watch the movie, which quickly cures any sort of bad attitude. And we had no idea the violin could sound that wonderful when paired with this tune!

It demonstrates that there is always an opportunity for experimentation in music.

When the song concludes, individuals begin randomly embracing one another. It just goes to show how happy they were because of the “Macarena.”

Aside from that, the “Macarena” world records are also extremely noteworthy.

From “most people dancing Macarena in a bookshop” to “fastest Macarena dance wearing a fedora hat,” the basic dance routine continues to captivate audiences. However, the global record for the most people doing the Macarena at the same moment was achieved in 1996 at Yankee Stadium. Since its debut, the world has adored “Macarena,” and this video has received over 16 million views on YouTube.

Watch the wonderful performance in the video below:

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