There was no one at the memorial of the veteran of the United States Air Force, that is, until the local high school baseball team showed up due to…

Heroes of war deserve the respect and acknowledgment of the country for the bravery and sacrifices they have made. Sadly, as time passes, these courageous men and women merely fade into the background, and it seems as if people have forgotten about them and wiped them from their memory.

On the day when Ralph Lambert, a veteran of the United States Air Force who had lived to reach 94 years old, passed away on February 8, 2022, neither his family nor his closest friends were there to tell him goodbye.

In spite of the many years he had spent serving his country, it seemed as if he would be laid to rest in Louisiana without anybody ever learning about his courageous actions or giving him the fitting farewell and homage he deserved.

The head coach of the baseball team at Menard High School in Alexandria, Louisiana, Jordan Marks, was aware that he needed to take action in response to the current circumstances.

Marks chose six members of his staff to attend the veteran’s burial and carry his coffin after learning the tragic details of his passing, including the fact that he would be buried without a ceremony being held in his honor.

The purpose of it, as explained by baseball coach, is to educate his players on how to play the game of life. Marks wants his players to be ready to aid and serve the community, particularly combat veterans like Lambert.

In the same way that one would look out for a teammate while competing, Coach Marks encourages his players to get involved in their communities in the same way that he is.

Therefore, he discussed Lambert with his squad, and as a result, six seniors volunteered to go to the burial ceremony and carry the veteran of the United States Air Force’s coffin.

After the emotional and profound occasion, one of the six seniors who carried Lambert’s coffin, Jacob Giordano, revealed that they considered it an honor to be Lambert’s pallbearers.

The young men received praise from members of the community as well as users of the internet for their kind and thoughtful spirits.

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