These two toddler’s story will make you emotional…

These two lovely toddlers, Maxwell and Finnegan, who call each other their “best buddy,” are very fortunate to have discovered one other as their greatest friend in this world.

Even just two days apart is enough for Maxwell and Finnegan, who have been the best of friends since they were infants and are now 2 years old, to miss each other terribly.

This was made clear by an unscripted video that was taken by Michael Cisneros, Maxwell’s father.

In the brief clip, the two “besties” can be seen running towards each other shrieking excitedly as they were getting closer to each other.

When they were eventually reunited, the toddlers proceeded to give each other a bear embrace as if they hadn’t seen one other in weeks.

“When they are apart from one other, they are continuously inquiring about one another, they attend to music class together, Dana Banana and they love to dance – both are fantastic dancers. ”

Those who saw the video couldn’t help but remark on how encouraging it was, and one of the things they said was, “Thank you for sharing this great video of your adorable young kid and his closest buddy.”

Another person chimed in and said, “All adults should learn from this the pure and loving heart that a kid has…. no color, no race, no hatred, but most importantly is full of love.”

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