This might be the best video of baby having an interesting conversation with his dad

A toddler’s mother shared a lovely video on social media of her child and his father having a “discussion” about the TV show they’re watching.

Shanieke Pryor shared a video on Facebook on Tuesday showing her son having a full-fledged discussion with his father while the two sit on the sofa and watch television.

It has subsequently received 31 million views.

“This kid alone!” “It’s just as horrible to have a full-fledged talk with Daddy and Daddy,” Ms. Pryor stated in a Facebook post.

The small child continues to speak, and his father reacts as though the two are discussing what is going on the television they are watching.

“Did you comprehend it, though?” his father inquires. as the youngster looks to say he does not.

The couple continues to watch the show’s “grand finale,” growing increasingly excited as they hypothesize about what may happen next time.

“That’s what I was thinking because I’m not sure what they’re going to do next season because they did some stuff this time,” his father explains as his kid continues to converse and gesture toward the TV.

“We think quite similarly,” his father adds at the end of the video.

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