Two complete strangers from Rhode Island and Florida have become friends for the last 20 years thanks to this misunderstanding during a phone…

A lady from Delray Beach, Florida, who was attempting to phone her sister in Maryland around 20 years ago dialed the incorrect number when she was trying to do so.

However, the caller continued calling 401 and ended up speaking with Mike Moffitt, who is 46 years old and from Rhode Island. Her sister’s area number was 410.

When she discovered she had the incorrect number, the person on the other end of the line hung up very quickly; yet, she proceeded to do it “a couple of times that day, next week the same thing, maybe next month,” as Moffitt said.

“I was brought up by my dad, and he taught me that you should always answer your phone, even if you have no idea who is calling,” he added.

The lady repeatedly dialed the incorrect number and then immediately hung up, which is what prompted Moffitt to finally confront her and ask, “Hey, what’s your name?”

That one simple inquiry was the seed that eventually grew into a lasting relationship. The two strangers instantly put it up with one other and began conversing with each other.

At the time, Moffitt was employed in a call center, and he said that speaking with Hankerson over the phone did not concern him. In point of fact, it was just like taking a deep breath of clean air; it was a wonderful change of pace from his regular calls.

Moffitt found out that her name was Gladys Hankerson, and as time went on, the two of them became phone friends and spoke on the phone about once every several months.

Hankerson began contacting him to check on how he and his family were doing as well as to inquire about the state of the weather in his region. Moffitt started acting in the same manner.

Moffitt said that his days were made better by their phone conversations. And despite the fact that they are separated in age by almost 30 years and in distance by thousands of miles, they were nevertheless able to form an improbable friendship.

After the passing of Hankerson’s spouse, the woman instructed her son to get in touch with “Mike from Rhode Island.” Moffitt understood that their relationship had advanced to the next level when he expressed his sympathies by sending flower.

Moffitt and his family have been known to take weekend trips to Florida in order to get away from the harsh winter weather. One day, he had the epiphany that the location where they normally stayed was around half an hour and a half away from Hankerson’s house.

Moffitt did not let anybody know that he was going to be there, namely Hankerson, so that Hankerson would not feel the need to prepare the home for a guest. Her daughter answered the door when he knocked on her door while carrying a bunch of flowers, and she invited him inside.

Moffitt proceeded with the following announcement to Gladys: “Gladys, it’s Mike from Rhode Island!” The lady flung her hands up in the air and said, “Oh, Mike, my good buddy!” I’m blessed.”

Hankerson said that their encounter was “Oh, that was such a fantastic day, it was the happiest Thanksgiving there was, that made my day.”

After giving one other a tight embrace, they then decided to take a photo together, which Moffitt later posted to Facebook. He captioned the photo with the following explanation of the story: “There are great individuals in this World that are only a phone call away with the incorrect number.”

Moffitt intends to continue getting to know Hankerson better and, with any luck, playing a more prominent part in her life when the two of them have finally met one other.

Regarding Hankerson, she claims that he thinks of Moffitt as a part of the family. She said, “You know, I really hope that more people could be like that.”

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