Video: Once you watch it, you’ll understand why the video of “The Plus-Sized Diver” is getting so much focus on the internet…

People in American society are subjected to a great deal of pressure to present themselves in a certain manner.

Because the media presents men and women as being both attractive and fit, this causes regular people to feel insecure about themselves if they are not up to the high ideal of beauty; this is one of the reasons why a video of a plus-size diver who is just fourteen years old is going viral for all the right reasons.

The little youngster can be seen in the video standing on top of the elevated diving board. The moment he throws himself off the board, he starts to glide in the air while performing a flip that will leave you unable to take a breath.

The name of the young man is Zeke Sanchez, and he is very enthusiastic about the sport of diving. He wants everyone to know that he can participate in the sport as well, despite his weight.

The audience was taken aback when Zeke jumped on the diving board in front of the camera and demonstrated why he should be allowed to participate in the sport despite the fact that he is of a greater size than the typical athlete.

More than one thousand five hundred individuals expressed their approval of the youngster in the form of remarks.

“Kudos to the young man for all of his hard work! The work that he is performing is not simple.

The fact that he is outdoors and engaging in activities that bring him joy is of much greater significance. Be joyful, youngster.”

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