Watch: A rendition of a Sinatra classic performed by a child of five years old wins the hearts of the judges and takes them by surprise…

Since its debut in 2006, the talent competition series “America’s Got Talent” has been shown on television.

Although there have been many different judges during the show’s history, the one judge who has been consistent is the notoriously harsh Simon Cowell, who is also the show’s founder.

Even Simon Cowell, who is known for being quite critical, may be won over by a contestant’s performance if it is of a high enough quality.

An episode from season 13 was replayed recently, and it included a little girl with an impressive voice who completely floored Simon Cowell with her incredible skill.

The young girl dressed in pink had more going for her than just the fact that she was adorable, despite the fact that this was the first thing that people noticed about her.

In this astounding video from 2018 that blew across the internet, a little girl by the name of Sophie Fatu completely blew away all four of the judges on “America’s Got Talent,” as well as the crowd, who could be heard shrieking in wonder.

When Sophie, dressed in a pink costume, waddled onto the stage and addressed the crowd and the judges, everyone’s hearts melted at her charming speaking voice.

The little girl gave an impressive performance of Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way” at the beginning of the film.

The spectators erupted in applause and roars of approval, but the panel of judges could be seen staring in disbelief at what they were seeing. Sophie was quite good at holding the notes and conducting herself in a manner befitting an opera singer.

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