When a Richmond Security Guard was having trouble paying her bills, a complete stranger stepped in to assist her out…

Shannon Lewis is a young mother of two who also has a job. She learned that she was going to have her second kid when the pandemic was going on. Because Shannon’s profession as a security guard in Richmond required her to interact with members of the general public, she feared that exposing her unborn child to it may pose a threat to the health of her unborn kid.

Therefore, she decided to stop working till after the delivery of her child.

This caused her to lose six months’ worth of salary, and as a result, she is now having trouble paying off her debts. When you lose so much of your money, it is quite difficult to pay any expense, but particularly the cost for your utilities.

Therefore, when a local news station learned that Shannon was in need of assistance, they jumped at the chance to step in and assist in shouldering the loads that this mother was bearing.

After that, the reporter went to Shannon’s place of employment to take her by surprise.

In her words: “I am aware that I inquired as to whether or not this was the location where I came to make payment on my utility account; nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that I am not here to make payment on my energy bill.

I am here to assist you with paying the bill for your utilities.”

Even though Shannon is covering her face while she is at work, the expression in her eyes conveys all that is going through her mind. You won’t believe her response until you see the video I’ve included below!

The security guard in Richmond is simultaneously relieved, appreciative, and astonished.

She expressed her gratitude to the reporter as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Shannon is glad that she can finally pay off other expenses now that the impending fear of the power payment is no longer hanging over her head.

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