When the new mother breastfed her newborn, the restaurant owner told her to “never come back…”

Ruby Meeden and her husband Aaron had plans to have supper with other relatives at the Greek Islands Restaurant in Anacortes, Washington.

The kid of Ruby and Aaron had only been four days old when they walked into the restaurant, and by the time the pair entered the establishment, the infant was already hungry.

Ruby shared that she took precautions before to entering the room, stating, “I made sure to get a strong latch before we walked in and then I covered everything ,and we sat facing the wall.” On the other hand, this did not go down well with the proprietors of the eatery.

Aaron said that the proprietor seemed to be very busy with phone orders and had them wait for a half an hour before approaching their table, only to advise them to leave the establishment when he did so. The couple, rather understandably, found this to be surprising and unpleasant.

“So, we questioned him with, “What’s the matter? is everything all right? “Aaron added, “and at that time he spoke the words, ‘Never come back.'” Since Aaron had such a dreadful day, he posted a negative review on social media for others to see.

The proprietor of the restaurant replied to the negative review by leaving his own remark on the website, but he had nothing positive to say and did not offer an apology.

This is the remark “referred to our children as snot-nosed brats and told us to never let her in the house again to breastfeed. They referred to my wife as an animal. Unfortuitously, the owner did not move from his position at all and continued to insist on his point of view.

Ruby had this to say about the event: “The fact that I decided to nurse my infant inside of that establishment resulted in my whole family being asked to leave. That was terrible.”

The legislation in the state of Washington allows for “the right of a woman to breastfeed her infant in any place of public resort, lodging, gathering, or entertainment,” and anything less than this provision is regarded to be prejudice.

This indicates that the proprietor of the restaurant did not follow the regulations, since it is against the law to force a woman out of a restaurant just because she was nursing her child.

The actions of the restaurant incited a strike against them by angry women in the same town, and the group demonstrated outside the restaurant and planned to confront the owner, but the business switched to take-out only on the day of the demonstration, and then closed several hours early.

This prevented the group from confronting the owner. The proprietor of the eatery ultimately deleted the business’s accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. The outraged moms referred to the occasion as unfair and an embarrassment.

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