Woman is at a loss for words after discovering that the newborn girl she adopted is really biological sister of her…

Katie Page made the decision to start a fresh new chapter in her life after the end of her marriage when she was in her early 30s.

She uprooted her life and relocated to Colorado, where she started a new chapter in her professional life and made the choice to become a foster parent. She had difficulty conceiving a child but had always been interested in the adoption process.

Katie learned in 2016 from a social worker about an unidentified baby boy who was only four days born and had been abandoned at the local hospital. On Grayson’s 11th month birthday, Katie officially adopted him as her son.

Katie absolutely cherished her role as a mother, but she thought it would be best to wait a few more years before welcoming another child into her family.

But not even a month after adopting Grayson, she received a call from another caseworker informing her of a critical circumstance.

A newborn baby girl had been abandoned at the same hospital, and quick adoption was required for her to be considered and she agreed.

A few hours later, Hannah was driven to Katie’s house, where she was introduced to Grayson and given a permanent place to call home.

But when Katie took a closer look at Hannah’s little hospital bracelet, she uncovered a startling discovery as she  became aware of the name that was engraved on Hannah’s baby bracelet; the first name of her birth mother was the same as the name that Grayson’s birth mother had provided to the hospital.

While she was going through the discharge paperwork for Hannah, she discovered that Hannah’s birth mother and Grayson’s birth mother also had the same birthday.

Katie had a sneaky hunch that her two freshly adopted children, Grayson and Hannah, were connected to one another in some way, despite the fact that they do not look anything similar.

Katie’s desire to find out the truth drove her to investigate more, and she eventually located Hannah’s biological mother and DNA testing established beyond a reasonable doubt that Grayson and Hannah are in fact biological half-siblings.

Katie said, “Imagine if Baby Girl had been adopted by a different family. I was speechless because the miracle that had just taken place was beyond my comprehension.”

In December of 2018, Katie legally adopted Hannah into her family: “The day that I said ‘Yes’ to accepting the Baby Girl, I had the most peculiar sensation that has ever occurred to me.

Despite the fact that it did not fit into my plans and did not make any sense, my brain kept urging me to say “no,” but something deep within of me kept insisting that I should say “yes.”

It is an absolute miracle and a once in a lifetime opportunity… Whatever you want to call it, the fact that my children have discovered each other is quite incredible.

Katie is now working on the process of adopting a third child, who will be Grayson and Hannah’s sibling and will be five months old.

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