Young Follower Takes the Spotlight from Keith Urban Afterwards Leaving the Crowd Speechless with Her Live Performance…

Keith Urban has been active in the music industry for many decades at this point. Additionally, he has collaborated with a few of the most talented individuals in the music business. Therefore, it is safe to say that he was able to determine whether or not a person has the skills necessary to achieve prominence in the world of music.

Since the early 1990s, when Urban first settled in Nashville, Tennessee, he has been creating waves throughout the globe with his music.

Fans like him for his music, but he has also shown that he is a kind and giving guy who appears to constantly have a happy outlook.

Urban is able to tell immediately upon meeting a person whether or not they has potential. It’s accurate, and evidence of that can be seen in how Keith Urban interacted with two young fans in the audience during a gig he performed in Canada back in 2016.

It was a great night for the country music musician who was playing for his fans in Edmonton, Canada. In the midst of the crowd were two dazzling guitar-shaped placards that drew his eye.

Therefore, Urban did what he did, which was he invited the two people who were holding signs up onto the platform. He was taken aback to see that they were two young ladies. But they weren’t just pals who connected during Keith Urban’s gig; in fact, they were sisters.

They did really have the good fortune to get to know Urban personally and perform on stage with him. However, it was hardly the most exciting portion of the evening. Urban inquired about the career aspirations of one side of the Benedict twins, namely Hailey Benedict, when she was a young adult.

Naturally, being a singer-songwriter himself, Urban was pleased with her response since he also considers himself to be in the same category. Urban then proceeded to reassure Benedict’s mother that he is there for them and that he is proud of Benedict’s life ambition.

Naturally, Urban would not allow them to leave the stage before he first questioned the little girl about whether or not she had ever attempted to write her own music. Soon after she said “yes,” Urban inquired of her about whether or not she is able to play the guitar.

After she responded in the affirmative, Urban instructed the crew to bring a guitar out on stage for her to play. In point of fact, Benedict was on the verge of becoming a famous performer when she took the stage to sing an original song of hers that she had written titled “Clean Slate,” and she did not let the audience down in any way.

In point of fact, she gave off the impression that she was a seasoned performer on stage, as if she had been doing what she was doing for quite some time previously.

After Benedict had done her performance, Urban proceeded to give her a bear embrace. As he shared the video of the little girl’s performance on Facebook and YouTube, he couldn’t have been more pleased with her accomplishments and how she had represented their family.

Since then, Benedict has had success with a number of her tracks, including “Wanted you To,” which is one of her more recent releases.

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