A 91-Year-Old Crossing Guard Has Retired After Serving for the Past Four Decades…

After 41 years of service, a lady who is now 91 years old and had been employed as a crossing guard at the intersection of Violet Lane and Orchid Road on Long Island, New York, has decided to finally retire from her job.

On November 4th, 1981, Louise applied to and was accepted into the Nassau County Police Department in order to work as a crossing guard for the Levittown School District. She had a career in law enforcement that spanned four decades, and she finally reached the point where she could retire.

The County Executive of Nassau County, Bruce Blakeman, said that “She is simply a great human being, and we were very happy to have her.”

Kobs has seen, over the course of her many years of service, children whom she had assisted in crossing the road finally grow up to become parents, who in turn had children whom she had assisted in crossing the road when they were younger.

“Those were my children,” stated the grandmother of seven grandkids and one great-grandchild, they were all kind to me. I was able to see their maturation.”

According to Patrick Ryder, the commissioner of the Nassau County Police Department, everyone need to “take a little lesson” from her on the significance of our work and what they mean to other people in addition to what they mean to ourselves.

Kobs has never been absent from work due to illness or any other reason. She said that there was nothing that could stop her from doing her duties. “I didn’t want to be the one to let them down… Kobs states that whenever they rounded the corner, they were anticipating the opportunity to see me.

Kobs refused to break with tradition and kept wearing the same kind of uniform even after the county crossing guards adopted a new look for their uniforms. This decision was made because Kobs wanted to maintain continuity.

She had a tremendous amount of reverence for the customs and history upheld by the Police Department.

“Even though I am as elderly as I am, I do not want to remain inactive.

Kobs, the well-liked crossing guard, is overheard stating, “I simply keep going as long as I can.”

She also remarked, “My life seems so complete,” as she reflected on all she had achieved and how much she was now looking forward to spending time with her family.



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