A Boy Scout of 11 years old raises money to provide Christmas gifts for every foster child in two counties with the proceeds of his fundraising efforts…

This Christmas, Jonathan Werner, a youngster from Cambridge, Minnesota, who is 11 years old, will provide holiday pleasure to an astonishing number of 120 children who are in foster care.

The fact that his own father had spent time in a foster home served as motivation for him to be kind and altruistic.

When Jonathan was a child, he would listen to his father tell tales of the challenging experiences he had when he was in the foster care system. Because Jonathan was so determined to make a difference in the world, he joined the Boy Scouts and used the money he made from selling popcorn to purchase presents for each and every foster kid in Kanabec County and Isanti County.

Nevertheless, Jonathan’s generosity does not end there. As a further demonstration of his dedication to assisting and elevating people who are struggling, he intends to adopt an additional county within the next year.

The neighborhood has come together in support of Jonathan, and influential members of the community as well as volunteers have offered their aid to make sure that all of the presents are delivered to the foster children in time for Christmas.

Jonathan is appreciative of the help he has gotten in accomplishing his aim to bring cheer to the children in foster care and to make this year’s Christmas season particularly memorable for them.

Jonathan, who is just 11 years old, has a heart of gold, and he is genuinely making a difference in the lives of these youngsters by helping them with their schoolwork.

His unselfish act of charity serves as a timely reminder of the transformative power of generosity as well as the significance of sharing pleasure and happiness throughout the Christmas season.


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