A Breathtaking Interpretation of “Just as I Am” Is Presented by Brothers of Heart…

Brothers of Heart, a gospel group, performs a version of the song “Just As I Am” that is full with spirit and blesses everyone there with their flawless harmony throughout the performance.

This extremely renowned hymn was first written as a poem by Charlotte Elliott in the year 1835.

It is nowadays sung to the music “Woodworth” composed by William Bradbury and is most often performed during an altar call.

This hymn was written by the author to explain how one might be saved via a relationship with Christ.

She wrote these words of assurance about Jesus loving her exactly as she was when she was uncertain about her connection with Christ and pondered on the conflicts and difficulties that she had been experiencing in her life.

Its straightforward message of repentance, forgiveness, and redemption for everyone who put their faith in Jesus has led many people to use it as the call to the altar at the conclusion of ceremonies.

The song is a wonderful legacy for an ill lady who suffered from despair and felt worthless to God’s service, noted Lorella Rouster, a Christian author.

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