A lady who is now 78 years old has been a foster parent to more than 80 children over the last 30 years, and she isn’t through yet…

Foster care has provided Linda Owens with the opportunity to assume the role of mother to 81 newborns throughout the course of her 34-year career.

This 78-year-old lady from Hayward, California has been taking care of a baby girl who is now 7 weeks old ever since she was discharged from the hospital as a newborn. Owens is a resource parent and this girl is the 81st newborn she has cared for in her career.

Owens has a wealth of expertise in the field, and as a result, she is aware of the most effective methods for providing care for infants in their early days of life. This is a challenging task, but she is up to the challenge.

Unbelievably, the retired manager of the grocery store department takes care of these children on her alone as a single mom. She even takes in and cares for two newborns simultaneously.

Additionally, she has experience looking after three separate pairs of twins. In point of fact, she is a remarkable mother. Her house is crammed full with clothing and other items for children, some of which she purchased with her own cash.

Even though she is compensated for her labor, she does not consider fostering kids to be just a job; rather, she views it as a calling.

It is also helpful that she is a natural at it; ever since she was a youngster, she has enjoyed taking care of infants and young children.

Unfortunately, many infants suffer from developmental delays, and a significant number of them are unable to sleep through the night.

It is challenging to take care of babies, but it is much more challenging to say goodbye to them. Owens gives the infants back to either their biological or adoptive family after her work is done with them.

Obviously, letting go causes her pain each time, but as a foster parent, she knew what she was getting into when she decided to become one.

Unbelievably, Owens can recall each of the eighty infants and toddlers she has cared for over the last thirty years. The oldest one of them is currently 37 years old.


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